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Daily English 239 - A Birthday Party

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My sister called me at the last minute to help her with my nephew’s birthday party. She was feeling really sick and couldn’t get out of bed. I’d never given a children’s party before, but how hard could it be? Well, I found out.

First, I had to go to the party supply store to get a few things. I couldn’t believe all of the stuff people could buy for children’s parties. There was an aisle with all kinds of party invitations and another one with party favors, streamers, and other decorations. Fortunately, my sister had already bought most of the things we needed earlier in the week. All I needed to pick up were some candles for the birthday cake and some helium balloons.

After the party supply store, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up the birthday cake. My sister had ordered it the week before, so all I had to do was to pay for it and to make sure nephew’s name was spelled correctly on the top in icing.

Two hours later, I was ready for the party. When the kids arrived with their parents, I took the birthday cards and presents they had brought, and I handed each child some party favors. I was so glad when the clown my sister had hired arrived, and she entertained the kids with games. I have never seen so many kids with so much energy! A little later, we sang “Happy Birthday,” my nephew blew out the candles, and we cut the cake. My nephew opened his presents and the kids played with his new toys. The kids had a good time and so did my nephew.

I have to hand it to my sister. I don’t know how she does it. After three hours with 15 young kids, I’m exhausted and my ears are ringing!

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