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On Friday night, I went with a group of friends from work to a comedy club. I don’t really like sketch comedy, but I do like stand-up, and the comedian who was going to perform there was one of my favorites.

There were six of us and we were a pretty rowdy group. We stood in line outside, and when we got to the box office window, we paid the cover charge. The hostess showed us to a table right next to the stage and told us that there was a two-drink minimum. She took our drink orders and we waited for the opening act.

The first comic told a lot of political jokes and most of them fell flat. In fact, some of the people seated in the back started to boo him and he got off the stage pretty quickly. The MC came out and tried to get the hecklers to calm down by telling a few jokes of his own, and that did the trick.

The headliner finally came out and the crowd went crazy, clapping and cheering. He did some very funny improv and had us rolling in the aisles. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!

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