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Daily English 255 - Questions About a Product

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Paul: Could you help me? I have a few questions about this computer printer.

Clerk: Sure. I’ll try.

Paul: What I’m wondering is whether this machine can be used as a copier as well as a printer.

Clerk: Yeah, it can. This is a multifunction machine. It can be used as a printer, copier, and a fax machine.

Paul: Can you show me how that works?

Clerk: Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Just hook it up to your computer and you can use it like any other printer. If you want to make copies, just put your document on the glass or in the feeder and press this button.

Paul: That seems pretty simple. How do I use it as a fax machine?

Clerk: Just put your document in the feeder like you would for copying, but instead of pushing the “copy” button, press the “fax” button. Make sure it’s hooked up to a phone line, of course.

Paul: Okay. I think I’ve got it. Does this model come with a warranty?

Clerk: All of the machines made by this company have a one-year warranty against defects. If there’s a problem with it, the manufacturer will repair or replace it.

Paul: That’s good. If I change my mind or decide it’s not what I want, can I return it?

Clerk: You can return the item for an exchange or a refund within 30 days.

Paul: Is there a restocking fee?

Clerk: No, we don’t have a restocking fee. Just make sure you have your receipt.

Paul: I think those are all the questions I had. I appreciate your help.

Clerk: You’re welcome. Let me know if you have other questions.

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