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Daily English 259 - Making a Restaurant Reservation

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Hostess: Thank you for calling Sakia Restaurant. How may I help you?

Randy: I’d like to make a reservation.

Hostess: For which day and for what time?

Randy: It’s for Friday, the 24th, at 7 o’clock.

Hostess: How many will be in the party?

Randy: There will be seven of us.

Hostess: And the name on the reservation?

Randy: Johnson.

Hostess: And a phone number where we can reach you?

Randy: 310-555-9023.

Hostess: Okay. Let me repeat back to you the information I have. This is a reservation for the Friday after next for seven at 7 p.m. Is that correct?

Randy: Yes, that’s right. Can we have a table by the window in a non-smoking section? I want to be away from the kitchen, if possible.

Hostess: Our restaurant is all non-smoking. We can’t guarantee a window table, but I’ll note your preference.

Randy: Okay, that’s fine. What’s the parking situation at the restaurant?

Hostess: We have a parking lot behind the restaurant, and we also have valet parking. Do any of the guests have special needs?

Randy: I’m glad you asked. I’ll need two high chairs and four booster seats.

Hostess: I’m sorry, but did you say two high chairs and four booster seats?

Randy: Yes, I did. I’m taking all of my nieces and nephews out to dinner.

Hostess: That sounds nice. It should be alively evening.

Randy: You’re telling me!

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