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Daily English 262 - Missing the Tour Group Bus

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Kelly: Where is everybody?

Man: Excuse me? Were you talking to me?

Kelly: Oh, no. I was just talking to myself. Our tour group was supposed to rendezvous here at five o’clock for our return trip to the hotel. But there’s no trace of the bus and I don’t see any other people from my group anywhere.

Man: You know, it’s 5:10. Maybe the bus took off already.

Kelly: That can’t be! Our tour guide said that we would meet back here at 5-ish. She didn’t say precisely at 5.

Man: Maybe that’s what she meant. You know, tour guides usually stick pretty closely to a time schedule.

Kelly: Yes, I know, but what am I supposed to do now? I don’t have any way to get back to the hotel.

Man: Do you have the number of the tour company? I could lend you my cell phone to call them.

Kelly: Let me see. No, I don’t. I feel like such an idiot!

Man: Wait a second. Is that your bus over there?

Kelly: Where? Oh my gosh, I think it is! I must be on the wrong side of the park. If I make a run for it, I may be able to catch it before it takes off. Thanks a lot for spotting it!

Man: No sweat, but you’d better step on it!

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