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Daily English 266 - Making a Move on Someone

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A.J.: What was going on with you and Tiago in his office earlier today? You two were pretty cozy in there.

Gloria: What? Oh, I was a little upset about messing up my presentation in the morning meeting, and Tiago was trying to reassure me about it.

A.J.: It looked like he was doing more than comforting you. He was sitting really close to you and he had his hand on your shoulder. If you ask me, he was making a move on you.

Gloria: Don’t be ridiculous! Tiago and I are just friends.

A.J.: Would you notice if he was? Remember Paul? He hit on you for two weeks before you noticed.

Gloria: That was completely different. He wasn’t hitting on me. He was bothering me, and I actually had to file a sexual harassment complaint against him before he’d stop. You’re comparing apples and oranges.

A.J.: I’m just saying that you’re not the most observant person when it comes to these kinds of things. Mark my words. Tiago is interested in you.

Gloria: If he is, I’m flattered. He’s a very attractive guy.

A.J.: That’s what all the women say. Some guys have all the luck. To add insult to injury, he doesn’t even know that women find him attractive. Even the other men in the office think he’s a nice guy.

Gloria: What can I say? Tell me the truth. Do you really think he’s interested in me?

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