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Daily English 271 - Using an ATM

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I went to bank this morning. Instead of standing in line to talk to a bank teller, I decided to use an ATM, but it wasn’t working.

Robin: Excuse me. Could you help me? I’m trying to use this ATM machine, but it stopped working after I put in my PIN and it won’t give me back my ATM card.

Bank clerk: It looks like the machine is jammed. Step over to this teller window and I can help you. What transactions are you trying to make?

Robin: I want to make a deposit, transfer some money between my checking and savings accounts, and make a cash withdrawal.

Bank clerk: I can make those transactions for you.

Robin: Okay. Let me take this check out of the deposit envelop. And what about my card?

Bank clerk: I’ll call the technician and she should be able to retrieve it for you.

Robin: Thanks a lot. I guess that the machine just doesn’t like me.

Bank clerk: It’s not you. Those machines just act up sometimes.

Robin: In that case, I won’t take it personally.

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