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Daily English 273 - Telling Secrets to Parents

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Therese: I can’t believe you told Mom and Dad about me driving the car last Saturday when I wasn’t supposed to. I thought we had a deal. You wouldn’t tell on me and I’d take you and Kathy to the movies this weekend. You’re such a tattletale.

Stephen: I swear it wasn’t me! Why would I tell? We do have a deal and I’ve held up my end.

Therese: Forget it. The deal is off. There’ll be no movie this weekend.

Stephen: Hey, I told you it wasn’t me who spilled the beans. Are you sure it wasn’t Jeffrey?

Therese: Don’t try to put the blame on somebody else. I know it was you.

Stephen: How?

Therese: You’re a terrible liar.

Stephen: Well, if I did tell on you, I didn’t mean to do it. Come on, please! I really want to see that movie this weekend. What can I do?

Therese: Hmmm...that’s a good question. How about doing my chores for two weeks?

Stephen: Two weeks?! No way. How about one week?

Therese: You’ve got a deal. I’ll take you if you do all of my chores for a week. But I’m warning you. You’re on notice. If you tell on me one more time, you’ll be dead to me.

Stephen: Yeah, yeah. I heard you.

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