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Daily English 278 - Meeting the Future In-laws

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Atsushi: I don’t mind telling you that I’m really nervous about meeting your parents.

Scarlet: You look like you’re going to face the firing squad. It’s not going to be that bad.

Atsushi: I wish I could believe that. I’m going to try to make a good first impression, but I don’t think they’re going to like the fact that I’m a professional musician.

Scarlet: I’ve already told them about you, so there won’t be any surprises.

Atsushi: It doesn’t help that your last boyfriend was a straight-laced college student. Couldn’t you have dated a convict before me? I’d look pretty good to your parents in comparison.

Scarlet: How do you know I didn’t? You don’t know everything about me.

Atsushi: Very funny. Maybe we should postpone this visit with your parents for a little while.

Scarlet: No!

Atsushi: I’m just putting it out there.

Scarlet: We’ve put off this visit for months and my parents are really starting to wonder if you really exist. Let’s not blow this visit out of proportion. They’re only my parents.

Atsushi: I know, but they may also be my in-laws soon.

Scarlet: I know, but it’s not like our whole relationship is riding on this visit. I’ll still like you no matter what. And plus, my parents know I have good taste in men.

Atsushi: At least I know that’s true!

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