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Daily English 28 - Cashing a Check

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The local branch of my bank is located just a few blocks from where I live. It's very convenient, since it has four ATMs open 24/7. Today I had to go in to make a deposit, but since I wanted to cash a check as well, I needed to go inside to talk to a teller.

Inside the bank, I got in line for the tellers. All the tellers are behind a large piece of bulletproof glass, so you have to speak up when you are talking to them. Anyway, when I got to the head of the line, the cashier said, "How may I help you?" "Well," I said, "I'd like to deposit this payroll check into my checking account, and cash this cashier's check." "Certainly," she said, "just endorse the back of both checks and put them in the tray." "Sure. And, I can get that in small bills--10s and 20s?" I waited for her to process my checks. Then she said, "Here you are," and counted out the cash and put it in an envelope. I said, "Thank you!" and walked away. Now that I have some money burning a hole in my pocket, I guess I better spend it!

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