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Daily English 285 - A Movie Collection

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Some people collect stamps. Other people collect CDs. I collect movies.

I’m a film buff and I have a collection of my favorite movies of all time. I usually buy a movie when it comes out on DVD, even if I’ve seen it already on the big screen. I have a high definition TV and I like watching movies in the comfort of my own home.

I prefer the widescreen editions and the DVDs with a lot of bonus features. I pride myself on finding every Easter egg on every DVD I own. My friends think I’m crazy. Even if I already own a movie, I’ll buy it again if there’s a special edition or box set with extra bloopers or deleted scenes.

Even when I’m on vacation, I look for DVDs. Last year, I was traveling abroad and I bought some DVDs. When I got home, though, I found out that I couldn’t play them in my DVD player because they had a different region code than the one we use in the U.S. I also bought a bootleg DVD on the street and the quality was terrible. I really learned my lesson on that trip!

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