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Daily English 293 - Being Affectionate in Public

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Nelly: Look at that couple over there. What they’re doing is indecent!

Sadat: Where? Oh, you mean those two people hugging and kissing? That’s not indecent.

Nelly: They’re not just hugging and kissing. That girl is sitting on her boyfriend’s lap and they’re making out in the middle of a public place. They need to get a room.

Sadat: They’re just passionate, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t you remember when you were a teenager in love?

Nelly: When I was a teenager, we behaved a lot more modestly. We might hold hands or give each other a peck on the cheek in public. That’s it. Anything else we did, we did in private.

Sadat: Oh, you’re not saying that you didn’t get cozy with your boyfriend as a teenager, you’re just saying you did it in private.

Nelly: Right. What I object to is having to watch other people’s public displays of affection. It turns my stomach.

Sadat: Don’t look now, but there’s another PDA over there.

Nelly: Oh, no!

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