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Daily English 294 - Living in a Condo or Co-op

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Diane: I’m so exasperated! I’m really tired of the homeowner’s association in my condo building.

Ricardo: What’s the matter with it?

Diane: The people who sit on the condo association board are a bunch of do-nothings. I’ve filed complaint after complaint and they refuse to enforce the house rules.

Ricardo: Well, that might not be so bad. I used to live in a co-op in New York City. The board of directors in my building was constantly issuing violations to the shareholders and we were fined for the smallest infraction. It was a nightmare. What kinds of complaints have you been filing?

Diane: I’ve been complaining about my noisy neighbors. They have parties every weekend. The board said it sent letters to them, but nothing has changed.

Ricardo: That’s a tough one. It’s often hard to get people to quiet down.

Diane: That’s not all. The common areas aren’t well maintained, and they’re often dirty or in need of repair.

Ricardo: That’s too bad...

Diane: And, the clubhouse is always busy with board events when I want to reserve it.

Ricardo: That’s frustrating...

Diane: You bet it is. And, what’s more...

Ricardo: Whoa. I think I have a solution for you.

Diane: What?

Ricardo: Move!

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