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Daily English 305 - Describing People’s Body Types

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Remi: We need to get these costumes sorted out. I’m not sure we have ones that will fit each person in this play.

Bryan: Let’s see. We need a shirt for Hector. He’s broad-shouldered, so this one would be too small. Any luck finding one over there?

Remi: No, but I think I found a dress for Lee Ann. She’s petite and thin, and I hadn’t been able to find anything that would fit someone that slender. All of the other dresses are for women with either pear-shaped or hourglass figures.

Bryan: Okay, at least that’s some progress. What about Malcolm? Unlike his brother who is tall and skinny, he’s big and fat. How are we going to find one to fit him?

Remi: He’s not fat! He’s stocky. He is really muscular and not at all flabby. Oh, here’s a pair of pants that would fit Pierre. These are perfect, since he’s not long-legged like all of the other men.

Bryan: We’re actually doing pretty well, I think.

Remi: We just need a costume for you.

Bryan: Me?! What do you mean? I’m not in this play.

Remi: Oh yes, you are. Ike dropped out, so they need a replacement and you’re the only one who isn’t already in the play.

Bryan: Oh, no. I thought I could avoid being in the play by volunteering to help with the costumes!

Remi: Sorry, but I don’t think you can get out of it this time.

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