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Daily English 306 - Giving First Aid

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Jeng: What did you do this summer?

Cynthia: I worked at a summer camp as a nurse’s aide. I thought we would be giving simple first aid, but you wouldn’t believe the kinds of injuries the kids came in with.

Jeng: You mean like poison ivy, bee stings, bug bites, and scraped knees?

Cynthia: Yeah, we had those, but we also had some pretty serious cases. For instance, the second day of the camp, one of the boys who didn’t know how to swim fell into the lake. He must have hit his head because he was unconscious when they brought him in. We couldn’t find his pulse and the nurse did CPR. Luckily, we got him breathing again right away, but that little boy had a concussion.

Jeng: Wow! You’re kidding. That’s serious.

Cynthia: That wasn’t all. It’s true that most of the kids came in with superficial scrapes, but some of them had some major wounds. We had to stop the bleeding and bandage them up. We had one girl who needed 12 stitches after she fell out of a tree.

Jeng: Geez, I never knew going to camp could be so hazardous to your health!

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