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Daily English 317 - Setting the Table

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William: This is a very special dinner. It’s not everyday that I have my bosses over for dinner. It has to be perfect.

Martha: I know. Why do you think I took out our best china? Instead of worrying, why don’t you help me set the table?

William: Right. I should make myself useful. Is this the best tablecloth we have?

Martha: Yes, it is. It’s very fine linen.

William: Oh, right, right. Okay, we need six table settings. That means we need dinner plates, salad plates, bread plates, coffee cups, and saucers. Where are the saucers?

Martha: All of the dinnerware is over there. Be careful!

William: I know, I know. Where’s the silverware? We’re missing the silverware!

Martha: No, we’re not. All of the silverware is in this drawer. Put the dinner and salad forks on the left and the dessert fork above the plate, like this. The tines should be facing up. The knife and spoon go on the right.

William: I know that. I was just looking for the steak knives.

Martha: We don’t need those tonight. Here, take these wine glasses and put them on the table.

William: What else? What else?

Martha: Nothing. You need to take a deep breath and calm down, or you’ll be in bad shape by the time the dinner starts.

William: It’s too late. I’m already a ball of nerves!

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