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Daily English 322 - Picking up a Rental Car

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Ralph: I have a reservation for a car.

Clerk: What is the last name on the reservation?

Ralph: It’s Furcal.

Clerk: Just one moment. I have a reservation for Ralph Furcal, picking up today and returning on the 19th.

Ralph: Yes, that’s right. I reserved an economy car.

Clerk: We do have an economy car reserved for you, but for $3.00 more per day, you can upgrade to a mid-sized car. And, for only $5.00 more per day, you can upgrade to a convertible. Would you like to take advantage of either of these offers?

Ralph: No, thanks. I’ll stick to the economy car.

Clerk: That’s fine. If you’ll just sign here and initial here, here, and here, please. Would you like to purchase insurance for the car?

Ralph: No, thanks.

Clerk: Okay, then just sign here to decline the insurance. Be sure to return the car with a full gas tank or you’ll be charged $3.00 per gallon. Remember also that you are not allowed additional drivers unless they are over the age of 25.

Ralph: Okay, I’ll do that.

Clerk: Here is your contract. Your car is in parking space number W34. Just show your paperwork to the employee at the gate as you exit the parking lot. Do you need a local map?

Ralph: Yes, I’d like one. Thanks.

Clerk: Here you are. Have a good stay in our city.

Ralph: Thanks. I appreciate it.

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