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Daily English 327 - Getting Caught in the Rain

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Margo: Oh geez, you’re drenched! It wasn’t supposed to rain today.

Ali: I know. I looked at the weather report last night and it was supposed to be a nice day. That’s the last time I trust those weathercasters! I hate getting caught in the rain. I’m soaking wet.

Margo: When I felt a raindrop on my head this morning, I should have known that we were in for a big rainstorm. Right then, I should have gone back into my house to get an umbrella, but as usual, I was running late.

Ali: I can’t believe I have to go out on sales calls today. I’m not looking forward to getting back in my car when it’s raining cats and dogs out there.

Margo: Somebody in this office must have an umbrella you can borrow for the day. I’ll go see.

Ali: Thanks. It looks like it’s only drizzling now. Maybe it’s letting up.

Margo: Don’t count on it. It’ll be pouring again in a minute. Let me see if I can round up an umbrella and maybe even a raincoat.

Ali: Thanks. I’ll be in the bathroom wringing out my clothes. What a miserable day!

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