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Daily English 334 - Hiding from the Police

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I read an article in the newspaper this morning about a man who had been on the lam for 12 years. He was wanted by the police because they believed he had committed a murder. But before the man could go to trial, he bolted and left the country. He has been on the “Most Wanted” list in this state ever since.

How did he get away? The police had confiscated his passport, but he wore a disguise and became a stowaway on a ship heading for China. While on the boat, he kept out of sight and was holed up in the cargo section of the ship the entire time. No one even had an inkling that he was on the ship! When the ship arrived in China, he got off and immediately assumed a new identity. At first, he didn’t have any identification and he had to go underground, but eventually, he made enough money to buy a passport on the black market.

How did he get caught? He tried to reenter the United States and the security officers at the airport saw that his passport was forged. He was nabbed right away and he’ll be going to trial soon. That is, unless he escapes!

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