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Daily English 335 - Getting a Car Serviced

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Sophia: Is my car ready?

Mechanic: I’m finished with your oil change and I replaced the oil filter. I’ve also replaced the wiper blades in your windshield wipers. But I’ve had a good look under your hood, and your car needs a lot of work.

Sophia: Really?

Mechanic: Yes, you have some serious problems. I bet your engine is running really rough. Your transmission is leaking, your shocks need to be replaced, and you need new brake pads. Your battery is very low and it should be replaced, too.

Sophia: I can’t believe it.

Mechanic: It’s true. Your tires need to be rotated, too, and I also suggest getting a wheel alignment.

Sophia: Well, this is all a big surprise, especially since I just bought this used car a couple of months ago.

Mechanic: You did? Well, you got ripped off. Whoever sold you this car is a crook. Where did you buy it?

Sophia: I bought it here! I bought this from the owner of this garage. He said that it was in tip-top shape!

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