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Daily English 34 - Doing Hair

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I go back into the bathroom to finish doing my hair. Before I put the hot curlers in, I had put a little gel in my hair to give it some volume. I also like to use my hairdryer to give my bangs a little more shape. I take out the curlers one by one and brush through them into the style I like. I finish it off with a little hairspray and I’m ready to get dressed.

In my bedroom, I look in my closet for a skirt and blouse to match. The office I work in is pretty casual so I don’t need to wear a suit to work. On Fridays, we’re allowed to be even more casual so most people wear jeans and sweaters to the office, but no one dares to show up in t-shirts and shorts. I put on the skirt and blouse and open the top dresser drawer to get some pantyhose. I wish I could wear my tennis shoes to work, but I pick out a pair of heels and put them on. I was ready to go.

Category: Clothing + Grooming