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Daily English 345 - The Seven-year Itch

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Sunny: Did you hear the news? Nancy and Brian are splitting up.

Igor: How long have they been married?

Sunny: Eight years. I’m sure it was the seven-year itch. I bet Brian was unfaithful to Nancy.

Igor: How do you know? Maybe it was Nancy who had a wandering eye.

Sunny: Maybe, but it’s a shame. They were such a nice couple. Doesn’t anyone take marriage vows seriously these days? To me, it’s a lifelong commitment.

Igor: If you ask me, I think our notion of marriage is out of date. Conventional wisdom is that everybody wants to be unfaithful after they’ve been married a few years. Why not make marriage a short-term arrangement? In my view, a marriage should last for seven years unless you want to renew. If you don’t, you each go your separate ways.

Sunny: You make marriage sound like an apartment contract! Not everybody is as cynical as you are. I don’t think that most couples think seriously about committing adultery, and many couples stay together for life.

Igor: You may live in la-la land, but I live in the real world.

Sunny: If that’s the real world, I don’t want to live there!

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