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Daily English 35 - Taking Public Transportation

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I like my job but it takes over an hour to get there from my part of town. First, I walk three blocks to the subway station and swipe my monthly pass to get through the turnstile. I wait on the platform for the first express train. I get on and since it’s so crowded during the morning hours, there aren’t any seats and I stand, holding onto a handrail. At my stop, I get off and transfer to a second train that will get me to Union Station. This one isn’t as crowded and I manage to find a seat.

When the train gets to Union Station, I get off the train, go up the stairs, and go out of the front exit to the bus stop. I get on the B bus to downtown and show my bus pass to the bus driver. I sit down near the front of the bus and when three more people get on board, the driver starts on the route. When we get close to my stop, I press the button to signal to the driver that I need to get off and the bus pulls up to the next stop. I get off and walk half a block to the building where I work. It’s a long commute, but I look around every morning and I see that I’m not the only one who has to do it.

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