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Daily English 355 - Finding a Bargain

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Manuel: Wow, I’ve never seen so many shopping bags in my life. I can guess where you’ve been.

Georgia: I did go overboard a bit today. I went to the outlet mall and I found some real bargains. Nearly everything was discounted. I was in shopping heaven!

Manuel: I can see that.

Georgia: My favorite store had reduced prices for all of its sweaters, so I bought five. They were already on sale, but the store knocked another $5 off the price. I got them at half-price! I was going to buy three, but the store had a special offer: If you buy four, the fifth one is free.

Manuel: But doesn’t that mean you spent more money, since you bought five sweaters when you only wanted three?

Georgia: How could I resist? They were being sold at bargain basement prices. At another store, the sale items were two for the price of one. I’ve never seen things in that store so cheap.

Manuel: Where are you going now?

Georgia: I’m going back to the outlet stores, of course. I just came home for a little breather. There’s more shopping to be done!

Manuel: Try to leave a few things for the other shoppers!

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