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Daily English 362 - Getting In-Flight Service

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I pushed the call button to get the attention of the flight attendant.

Flight attendant: Yes? What can I do for you?

Hal: It’s very cold in the cabin. Is it possible to get a blanket?

Flight attendant: We’re out of blankets, but here’s a pillow.

Hal: Okay, thanks. I was asleep during the meal service. Could I get a meal?

Flight attendant: We don’t have any more of the Baked Chicken. We only have the Bean Salad left.

Hal: Oh, okay, I’ll take that. Could I also get a drink?

Flight attendant: What would you like?

Hal: What do you have?

Flight attendant: The complimentary drinks are listed in our in-flight magazine. Beer, wine, and other cocktails are $4.

Hal: I’ll have a diet soda.

Flight attendant: We’re out of diet soda.

Hal: How about just some water? What’s that?

Flight attendant: That’s turbulence. Make sure your seatbelt is fastened.

Hal: Could I get an airsickness bag, please?

Flight attendant: I’m sorry, but we’re out of those, too.

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