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Daily English 363 - Using the Telephone

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Charles: I don’t know how long this power outage is going to last. Do you think we should call Elizabeth to tell her we’ll be late for dinner?

Jane: That’s a good idea. Do you know her phone number offhand?

Charles: No, I don’t, and I can’t look it up in my address book or in the phone book without any lights. Oh, wait. I have it programmed into my cell phone. I should be able to use speed dial to call her. Oh, no.

Jane: What’s the matter?

Charles: My cell phone battery is dead.

Jane: Maybe we can use the landline to call directory assistance. The operator should be able to give us her number.

Charles: I doubt it. There must be more than one Elizabeth Bennett in our area code.

Jane: You’re probably right, but I’ll try anyway. Where’s the phone? Oh, here it is. Why aren’t I getting a dial tone?

Charles: Try listening through the earpiece instead of the mouthpiece.

Jane: Oh, right. How do I dial 411 if I can’t see the keypad?

Charles: Hey, the power is back on!

Jane: Not a moment too soon!

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