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Daily English 364 - Filing Taxes

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Ricky: Aren’t you done with your taxes yet?

Shawn: No, not yet.

Ricky: Can I help?

Shawn: That would be great. I think I’m almost done, but it’d be great if you could look it over. This is the first year I haven’t been exempt or filed an EZ tax return.

Ricky: No problem. What are brothers for? Okay, you’ve entered your earnings, including your salary and dividends. You have no dependents...

Shawn: I just hope I picked the right number of withholdings. I’d like to get a tax refund, rather than have to pay.

Ricky: Well, you can take the standard deduction here, but I suggest itemizing your medical expenses and your charitable contributions. It may make a big difference in the calculations.

Shawn: Thanks. I’ll crunch the numbers to find out. So what do I owe you for all of this help?

Ricky: That depends on the size of your refund check!

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