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Daily English 365 - Putting the Children to Bed

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Andrea: It’s your turn to put the kids to bed.

Marlon: No, I put them to bed last night, didn’t I?

Andrea: Nope, I did that. Don’t forget their bedtime story.

Marlon: The kids won’t let me forget it. Okay, time for bed! Go brush your teeth and put on your pajamas. It’s lights out in 15 minutes.

Andrea: What are you doing?

Marlon: I’m finishing my newspaper.

Andrea: Aren’t you going to watch over them to make sure they’re getting ready for bed?

Marlon: Nope. You have your methods and I have mine.

Andrea: Okay, this I’ve got to see.

Marlon: I don’t hear anyone brushing their teeth. If everyone isn’t in bed in five minutes, they’re going to get a cuddle from Norman.

Andrea: Who’s Norman?

Marlon: Norman is just a little scary monster I told them about. Norman eats little children who aren’t in bed when they’re supposed to be. It’s my way of making sure they stay in bed through the night.

Andrea: That’s terrible! That’ll give them nightmares.

Marlon: Nonsense. It won’t do them any harm. As my father told me, Norman only eats bad children.

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