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Daily English 367 - Going into the Military

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Chantelle: Attention! Aren’t you supposed to salute?

Robert: You’re not my superior officer. Stop goofing around. I’m busy.

Chantelle: You’re packing already? You don’t need to report to duty for two days. Are you afraid they’ll think you went AWOL?

Robert: I just want to be prepared. Now, leave me alone so I can finish packing.

Chantelle: Am I dismissed? Maybe I want to enlist, too? I think I would look good in camouflage make-up and fatigues.

Robert: Being in the military is no laughing matter. Do you really think that the most desperate recruiter would want you?

Chantelle: That’s not very nice. I have as much discipline as you do...about some things. You may find yourself in a foxhole with me someday.

Robert: Whatever deployment you’d get, I’d make sure I’m on the other side of the world!

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