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Daily English 369 - Going to Happy Hour

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Gary: Hey, over here. I’m glad you could make it. This place has a great happy hour. Let me get the waitress, Brenda, so we can order our drinks.

Shanise: Hi, Gary. You sound like a regular. Do you come here a lot?

Gary: Yeah, I like stopping by on my way home now and then to wind down.

Shanise: Is there another barstool?

Gary: Oh, sorry. Let me get another one for you. Have a seat. What will you have?

Shanise: I’ll have a scotch, straight up. I usually don’t drink very much. Alcohol sometimes doesn’t agree with me. I’ve had a tough day, though, and I need to loosen up.

Gary: Okay, one scotch coming up. Here comes the waitress. Okay, that’s one scotch for Shanise and a draft beer for me. On second thought, bring a pitcher of the draft beer, would you? Thanks, Brenda.

Shanise: I’m starving. The sign outside says that they have all-you-can-eat appetizers during happy hour. Is that right?

Gary: Right you are, and they have specials on everything on their menu.

Shanise: I don’t usually go to happy hours, but I like this place. I’m glad you invited me to come.

Gary: Would I steer you wrong? Now let’s get some grub.

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