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Daily English 379 - A Routine Procedure

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Julia: Aren’t you nervous about your surgery next week?

Hugh: No, it’s a routine procedure. I don’t even need to be admitted overnight.

Julia: But aren’t you going under general anesthesia? It’s not the same as local anesthesia, you know.

Hugh: Yes, I know. This is an out-patient procedure. If the doctors don’t think I can go home the same day, they’ll just keep me under observation.

Julia: All the same, there may be complications.

Hugh: It’s supposed to be a low-risk procedure. If there are post-op problems, I’m sure the doctors will take good care of me.

Julia: But what if they release you too early from the hospital. I’ve heard that these days doctors are under pressure to free up beds as soon as possible.

Hugh: It’s true that I may be impaired after the procedure, but my daughter will be there and I trust her judgment. I’m sure she’ll make sure I’m fine to go home before I’m discharged.

Julia: But what if...?

Hugh: Don’t worry. Nothing bad is going to happen. If it does, you can say, “I told you so.”

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