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Daily English 385 - Exercising at the Gym

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Jae: Hi, are you done with this weight machine?

Sally: Yeah, I am. I was just trying it out. I think I must be doing something wrong. My muscles are aching already.

Jae: Maybe I can help. I’ve been working out on these machines for a few months, so I’m pretty used to them.

Sally: I just joined the gym this week. I usually do a cardio workout on a treadmill or stationary bike, and I’ve used free weights at home before. But now it makes sense to do my strength-training here.

Jae: Have you thought about getting a personal trainer? When I joined, I signed up for a trainer for a few sessions and she helped me set up a good regimen.

Sally: That’s a good idea.

Jae: If you want help with those machines, though, I’m usually here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Sally: Thanks, I’ll definitely look out for you. I’m Sally.

Jae: I’m Jae. Nice to meet you.

Sally: You, too. I think I’ve sweated enough today. I’m off to the locker room.

Jae: Yeah, me too. See ya!

Sally: Bye!

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Danny: Not such a timesaver, huh?

Katy: But you only have to do that if it breaks down, and it won’t break down...very often.

Danny: We’ll see about that!

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