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Daily English 387 - Describing Talent and Ability

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Kathy: Thanks for inviting me to see your team. Who’s your best player?

Brad: That would be Sarah. She’s a natural. No one comes close to her speed and dexterity. She has good instincts and a flair for getting out of difficult situations.

Kathy: She sounds promising. Anyone else I should be keeping an eye on?

Brad: Mollie is a good player, too. In terms of scoring points, she can almost do it in her sleep. She’s also very good at being a leader to the other players, and she has a knack for getting along with even the most difficult teammates.

Kathy: As you know, we recruit only first-rate players for the national team, and this year, we hope to be head and shoulders above any of the other teams. The days of making do with mediocre players are over.

Brad: I understand that. We have a game this Saturday. Why don’t you come out and judge for yourself? I think you’ll be impressed with the talent you see.

Kathy: I’m sure I will. I’ll be here on Saturday ready to be dazzled.

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