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Daily English 389 - Getting a Cold

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Walt: What’s the matter with you?

Irene: I have a bad cold.

Walt: Why didn’t you stay home from work? You’re probably contagious!

Irene: I had no choice. I have an important presentation this afternoon and I can’t play hooky.

Walt: You can’t give a presentation in your condition. Your nose is running, your eyes are red and puffy, your voice is hoarse, and you look like you’re running a fever.

Irene: Gee, thanks. I know I look terrible, but I’ll get through it. I’m taking a nasal decongestant, I’m using eye drops, and I’m taking cough medicine and sucking on throat lozenges. I should be better by the time of the presentation. Ahchoo!

Walt: Oh, geez! You just sneezed all over me. You’ve contaminated me for sure!

Irene: Sorry. Where’s the Kleenex? I need to blow my nose.

Walt: I’m out of here! You’re a walking germ machine.

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