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Daily English 390 - Dietary Restrictions and Preferences

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Tony: Who did you invite over for dinner Saturday?

Carmela: I invited Keith, Sung, Stephanie, and Luis.

Tony: You didn’t!

Carmela: I did. Why?

Tony: You’re going to have a hard time cooking for them. Keith is a vegan and only eats food that’s organic. Sung is lactose intolerant and his doctor put him on a low-salt diet.

Carmela: Really? I didn’t know. How do you know so much about their diets?

Tony: I went on a trip with them and I’ll never do it again. We could never agree on a restaurant.

Carmela: What about Stephanie and Luis?

Tony: Stephanie is a health nut, and doesn’t eat anything with saturated fat, added sugar, or artificial flavors. She also doesn’t eat red meat. And Luis, he can only eat gluten-free kosher foods.

Carmela: This is a disaster. How am I going to cook for all four of them?

Tony: Beats me. Maybe you can turn it into a potluck. At least each of your guests will have one dish they can eat.

Carmela: I can’t invite my friends over for dinner and then tell them to bring their own food!

Tony: Well, you wanted a solution and beggars can’t be choosers.

Carmela: You’re right. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

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