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Daily English 391 - Traveling and Medical Needs

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Delia: Oh, my feet hurt! We must have walked for fours hours straight today. I have blisters on my heels and bruises on my toes. Where are my band-aids?

Yoshi: Yeah, your feet look bad. I told you not to wear new shoes on vacation, but you wouldn’t listen.

Delia: Oh, yeah? Look at you! I told you to put on sunscreen, and did you? Your face and neck are sunburned. Your skin is going to be red and peeling tomorrow.

Yoshi: I’ll be fine. If it weren’t for my stomachache, I’d be ready to walk another four hours.

Delia: I told you not to eat food from street vendors.

Yoshi: My stomach is just feeling a little irritated and I have a little diarrhea. It’s nothing serious.

Delia: You probably have salmonella or food poisoning.

Yoshi: No, I don’t! Don’t be ridiculous. Here are some band-aids. Now leave me in peace.

Delia: Fine. I’ll let you suffer in silence. I won’t say another word.

Yoshi: Will miracles never cease?

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