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Daily English 394 - Describing Hatred and Anger

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Danica: Calm down! Stop throwing things! Have you gone berserk?

Neil: Calm down?! Calm down?! You don’t know what just happened.

Danica: I’ve never seen you lose your temper like this before. Take a deep breath and tell me what happened.

Neil: Okay, you know that I like Samantha, right? Well, I told Malik last week. I just found out today that he’s dating her.

Danica: Malik? But he’s your best friend. He wouldn’t do that.

Neil: Do you think I’d be having a fit if I weren’t absolutely certain?

Danica: How can you be so sure? Did he tell you?

Neil: He didn’t have to. I saw him with Samantha together after work. He had his arm around her! I was ready to go off the deep end when I saw the two of them together.

Danica: How do you know he wasn’t sweet-talking her for you? He could have been putting in a good word for you, you know.

Neil: That’s bull! That guy is a traitor and I despise him. And I’m such a schmuck for trusting him.

Danica: Well, I still think you may have gotten the wrong idea. Are you going to talk to him about it?

Neil: You bet I am, just as soon as I stop foaming at the mouth.

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