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Daily English 395 - Watching the Olympic Games

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Mary Lou: Am I too late for the opening ceremony?

Jesse: No, it’s just starting. The runner is just coming into Olympic Village with the torch.

Mary Lou: Oh, this is so exciting! I love the summer Olympics. Track and field, gymnastics, swimming – I can’t wait!

Jesse: Oh, here come the athletes from each country, with their flag bearer in front. Look at all those gold, silver, and bronze medalists.

Mary Lou: Isn’t it funny that that country only has one competitor?

Jesse: No way! Can you imagine the accolades you’d get as the only athlete from your country that’s of Olympic caliber? I’d trade places with her any day.

Mary Lou: This schedule says that the track and field events begin tomorrow.

Jesse: Yeah, but those are just the qualifying heats. The real races don’t start for three days. What’s that?

Mary Lou: My flag. I’m cheering on the U.S. team.

Jesse: From the living room?

Mary Lou: Sure, why not? It can’t hurt, can it?

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