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Daily English 398 - Parts of a City

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Tanya: We’ve been here for three days and I’m still getting lost.

Darren: Here’s a map. These are the residential neighborhoods. See? This is where we’re staying.

Tanya: I know, I know. But where were we today? The tour bus went down so many alleys that I lost my bearings after 10 minutes. I thought we were going in circles.

Darren: Look, we drove through downtown first, past the financial district. Next, we drove past the housing projects to the historic district.

Tanya: I remember all that.

Darren: Okay, then. From the historic district, we drove through uptown. Got that?

Tanya: Yeah, that’s where things get a little hazy. How did we get to the outskirts of town? One minute we were in uptown, and the next minute, we were at the city limits.

Darren: We took one of the back roads along here. See? Now do you understand the lay of the land?

Tanya: Yup, definitely. Ask me anything. I know this city like the back of my hand.

Darren: No, thanks. That’s like the blind leading the blind!

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