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Daily English 40 - Getting Ready for Bed and Going to Sleep

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I am feeling pretty tired by 11:00 and decide to get ready for bed. I go into the bathroom to take off my make-up. I use a cleanser to wash my face and dry it with a towel. Then I put some toner on my face and then some moisturizer. I comb my hair and tie it back. I don’t like getting hair in my face while I sleep so tying it back helps. I floss and brush my teeth, and am ready for bed. By this time, I am pretty beat.

I go into my bedroom and I get undressed. I put the dirty clothes in the hamper and put on my pajamas. I take off my slippers and pull back the covers. I check my alarm to make sure it’s on. I have this same ritual every night, which I think helps me fall asleep more easily. It’s not long before I’m fast asleep.

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