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Daily English 407 - Waiting for a Man or Woman to Call

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Lyla: Okay, here's a hypothetical. You ask a girl for her number, but wait two weeks to call her. What gives?

George: Well, that depends. Why?

Lyla: Well, I met this guy two weeks ago at a party. We spent the entire evening talking and I thought we really hit it off. We had a lot of chemistry and we had a ton of things in common. He asked for my number and he said he'd call me the next day. And then, I didn't hear hide nor hair of him until yesterday, 10 days after we met. How come?

George: What did he say when he called? What was his pathetic excuse?

Lyla: I didn't talk to him. I wasn't home and he left a voicemail message. I haven't called him back yet.

George: Why don't you just call him and find out?

Lyla: He just called yesterday and I don't want to seem desperate.

George: Oh, come on. He probably just lost your number and found it yesterday.

Lyla: That's possible.

George: Or he had to go out of town and just got back.

Lyla: I suppose.

George: Or maybe he was nervous about calling you and just got up the nerve.

Lyla: Do you really think so?

George: Maybe. Or maybe he's playing hard to get or he's just not that into you.

Lyla: Oh.

George: But you won't know if you don't call him back.

Lyla: I guess that's true.

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