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Daily English 414 - Common Traffic Signs

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:27
Explanation begins at: 3:20
Normal Speed begins at: 17:04

Ben: Why are you squinting like that?

Lauren: I left my glasses at the office.

Ben: You mean you can't see?!

Lauren: I can see pretty well. What was that yellow sign we just passed?

Ben: It said, "Dead End." Stop! Turn around.

Lauren: I can't. That sign says, "No U-turn."

Ben: Okay, but we can't keep going. Those signs say, "Do Not Enter" and "One Way."

Lauren: Okay, fine. I'll just pull off the road and you can drive.

Ben: You can't. That sign says, "No Stopping." Hey, you just made an illegal U-turn!

Lauren: What else could I do? Anyway, we're back on track now.

Ben: Watch out for those speed bumps! You really are blind without your glasses. You're going too fast. According to that sign, this is a school crossing zone. The posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

Lauren: That's only true when the lights are flashing. Is that a "Detour" sign?

Ben: I can't believe it. Will I never get home?

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