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Daily English 415 - Being Clean and Dirty

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Ray: My mother is coming for a visit, which means we need to do some spring cleaning this weekend.

Debra: I’ll get the duster, if you’ll get the broom.

Ray: I’m serious. You know how nit-picky my mother is and I want our house to be neat and tidy.

Debra: Fine, fine, I understand. You don’t want her to know we live in a pigsty.

Ray: I’m not saying we live in a pigsty, but the house is a little messy and dusty. It wouldn’t hurt to straighten up a little bit, that’s all.

Debra: I’m willing to pitch in, but I’m not going to spend the entire weekend slaving away to get this house spotless. Your mother won’t love you any less if you’re not a neat freak.

Ray: You don’t know my mother very well.

Debra: I know her well enough. I don’t want to spoil her fun. If she can’t complain about our dirty house, what will she complain about?

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