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Daily English 418 - Getting Bad Service

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Buck: I’m never going to that coffee house again!

Star: Why? What happened?

Buck: It’s the third time in a week that I’ve had lousy service. I don’t expect five-star treatment, but I do expect service industry employees to be at least civil.

Star: What happened this time?

Buck: I walked in and went up to the counter to place my order. The woman working there was talking to her friend, another customer. I stood there, clearly needing to be waited on and she couldn’t have cared less.

Star: You mean she didn’t even acknowledge you?

Buck: Are you kidding? She didn’t stop talking for one second. When she finally took a breath, I told her my order. She gave me a dirty look and finally turned around to get my coffee. She practically threw it at me!

Star: Well, maybe she was having a bad day. At least you got your coffee.

Buck: I got a cup of coffee, but not the kind I ordered. When I realized it, I went back to the counter and she was still talking to her friend. I interrupted her and told her that I got the wrong order. She had the chutzpah to try to tell me that I had made a mistake in telling her my order. Not only did she not take responsibility for her mistake, she tried to tell me that it was my fault!

Star: That’s really infuriating. What are you going to do?

Buck: One good thing about her talking with her friend for so long is that I got her name. I’ll be calling the manager to complain.

Star: Aren’t you overreacting?

Buck: No, I’m not. She’s lucky I didn’t pour the coffee over her head!

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