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Daily English 421 - Internet Dating

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Kevin: I know a lot of people are doing it, but I’m not so sure about trying an Internet dating service.

Eun: What do you have to lose? This website says that it screens all of its members. Let’s look at some of the profiles.

Kevin: All right. We have to select the criteria for a search. Let’s see...gender – “female”; location – “Los Angeles”; age range – “26 to 35.”

Eun: Wow, you got 243 hits. I think you’d better narrow down the search criteria.

Kevin: Okay, I’ll search for people who live within a 50-mile radius. That gives us 72 hits.

Eun: Click on that one. Let’s see. This woman is 29 and she’s an accountant. She’s very pretty.

Kevin: Do you think people would upload any photos that weren’t flattering?

Eun: Still, I think she’s promising, don’t you? Anyway, who doesn’t tell a few white lies in their dating profile? It’s not like you’re misrepresenting yourself. If you sign up for a trial membership, you’ll have to do the same thing.

Kevin: Will I? What will I need to lie about?

Eun: Nothing, nothing. You’re perfect just the way you are.

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