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Daily English 422 - Shopping for Underwear

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Kerry: We’re almost done with the shopping. We just need some underwear for you and some unmentionables for me.

Russell: It’s perfectly acceptable for women to buy men’s underwear, but do I have to go into the lingerie store? All of the women in the store laugh at me.

Kerry: No, they don’t. I just need a few things. Here we are. Okay, I need a new bra with underwire, and I need a strapless one, too. Do you see any in a B cup?

Russell: I’m not helping you look. I’m standing over here where nobody can see me.

Kerry: Fine. Let’s see, I need some panties and a slip, too. Oh, these pantyhose are on sale.

Russell: Can you please hurry up? That woman over there is snickering.

Kerry: She’s only laughing because you look so uncomfortable. Okay, I’m done. Let’s go get your underwear.

Russell: Thank God! I just need some new boxers with a comfortable waistband and a button fly.

Kerry: I thought you liked the boxer briefs I bought before, you know, the seamless ones.

Russell: I tried them, but they were too small. I think I’d actually like to try some regular briefs. Here are some over here.

Kerry: You’d better look again. Those are g-strings. If you insist on buying those, it’ll be my turn to hide.

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