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Daily English 423 - Reading Food Labels

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I never read food labels until I started going out with Wendy. She’s studying to be a nutritionist. When we go grocery shopping, she reads every label.

Wendy: You’re not buying that, are you?

Ichirou: Well, I was thinking about it. Why?

Wendy: Each serving size has 30 grams of fat, and 10 of those are trans fat. The sodium level is through the roof, and it’s full of carbohydrates. Do you really want to put that in your body?

Ichirou: Um, I guess not.

Wendy: What are these cookies doing in the basket?

Ichirou: Those are my favorite. I always get them. I got the low-fat kind, see?

Wendy: Even so, they’re full of calories. They may be reduced fat, but they’re not low fat. You don’t eat this kind of cereal do you?

Ichirou: Yeah, I do.

Wendy: Look at the percent daily values. You get nearly no nutrients and no dietary fiber, and it’s full of sugar.

I really like Wendy, but I’m not sure how long I can take this. She has the best of intentions, but will my stomach ever forgive me if I keep going out with her? That’s the question.

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