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Daily English 431 - Health in Developing Countries

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Silvia: What are you watching?

Hermann: I’m watching a show about the health problems in developing countries.

Silvia: Don’t we have enough healthcare problems here, in this country?

Hermann: We do, but there are countries that have a lot more acute problems than we do.

Silvia: Oh, those kids are so cute.

Hermann: Yeah, but a lot of them are going to die of malnutrition and infectious diseases, things that are preventable.

Silvia: I thought the biggest problem was the spread of AIDS and HIV.

Hermann: Those are huge problems, no question about it, but a lot of people die of other preventable diseases, too, such as malaria, tuberculosis, and measles. Believe it or not, we’ve had immunizations for measles for over 40 years!

Silvia: That’s terrible. I can see why you’re studying medicine. I wish I could be a doctor.

Hermann: You could, but first, you’ll need to get over your fear of blood.

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