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Daily English 441 - Preparing Food for Cooking

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Marissa: How can I help?

Juan Carlos: Um...why don’t you iron the tablecloth and set the table?

Marissa: I already did that. I want to help with the cooking.

Juan Carlos: Okay, you can scrub these potatoes, peel the carrots, and rinse these grapes.

Marissa: All right, I’ll do that, but I think you’re just giving me the scut work. I want to do some real cooking.

Juan Carlos: Well okay, I guess you could cut up this chicken and then chop these vegetables. After that, you can sauté the vegetables in this pan.

Marissa: Great! Now, how do you sauté? I’ve never done it before.

Juan Carlos: What?! Forget it. You can steam the vegetables instead.

Marissa: Okay, just show me how.

Juan Carlos: Never mind. Here, just beat these eggs and slice these onions. When you’re done, you can toss that salad.

Marissa: But I want to whip up some gourmet dishes. When can I cook?

Juan Carlos: That’s a good question. Ask me again when you’ve learned how!

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