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Daily English 449 - Using an Instruction Manual

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Aretha: Oh, here’s the instruction manual. I’ll read you the section on “getting started.”

Carl: No, you don’t need to do that. I know how to do the installation.

Aretha: But don’t you want to hear about the different functions and specifications?

Carl: There’ll be time for that after everything is hooked up and we program the machine.

Aretha: Okay, but the manual says that you shouldn’t plug in the power supply until you’re done with the installation.

Carl: I won’t. Hmm...where is the port for this cord?

Aretha: Do you want me to look it up in the manual? There’s a troubleshooting section.

Carl: No, I can figure it out myself.

Aretha: Look at this. It’s a diagram of the controls and this section has illustrations on how to use the different modes. Do you want me to read it to you while you’re hooking it up?

Carl: No. Now give me that manual. I work alone.

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